06 April 2016

Total Facilities 2016

Total Facilities 2016 - Airepure Australia

Airepure Australia exhibited at the Total Facilities Show at Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre.

Featured products and solutions included:

Airepure-Panel-&-Bag-Air-FiltersAirepure Panel and Bag Air Filters

Airepure stock an extensive range of quality air filtration products, accessories and filter change out services – Australia wide. In stock items include: air filtration media, panel pre filters, extended surface bag filters, medium efficiency rigid filters, gaseous filtration filters, metal air grease filters, holding frames and accessories.

Airepure-HEPA-Filters-&-Onsite-NATA-TestingAirepure HEPA Filters and Onsite NATA Testing

Airepure offer a range of gasket and gel seal HEPA filters, housings and frames for ultra clean air applications – Australia wide. Our NATA certification enables Airepure to provide professional onsite testing and certification services, including HEPA integrity testing.

Purafil-Gas-Phase-Air-Filtration-SystemsPurafil Gas-Phase Air Filtration Systems

Purafil, distributed by Airepure Australia, is a world leading manufacturer of gas-phase air filtration systems that eliminate toxic, corrosive, malodourous and hazardous gases. Their systems prevent corrosion of electronics, improve indoor air quality, ensure safe preservation of artefacts; and assess control and monitor airborne molecular contamination.

PowerClean-Large-Scale-Auto-Wash-ESPPowerClean Large Scale Auto-Wash ESP

PowerClean large scale auto-wash ESP’s, distributed by Airepure Australia, control process generated airborne contaminants such as smoke, grease and commercial cooking odours. These reliable air cleaning systems offer dependable, continuous duty operation with minimal maintenance requirements and low operating costs.

Strobic-Air-TriStack-Process-Fume-Exhaust-SystemStrobic Air Tri-Stack Process Fume Exhaust System

The Strobic Air Tri-Stack process fume exhaust system, distributed by Airepure Australia is today’s most cost-effective solution to the problems of industrial air pollution control, re-entrainment and odour control. It is suitable for restaurant smoke and odour control as well as industrial or emergency diesel generator fume extraction.


  • Airepure at ARBS 2016

    20 May 2016 Airepure at ARBS 2016

    Airepure exhibited at ARBS 2016 in Melbourne between 17th-19th May 2016, placed just across the aisle from the shared stand of sister company Fantech and Air Design. The Airepure Australia stand featured a Flanders CSC bag in/bag out containment.

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  • Airepure at ARBS 2014

    01 May 2014 Airepure Stand at ARBS 2014

    Airepure Australia shared a stand with sister companies Fantech and Air Design at the ARBS 2014 expo held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre between May 20-22 2014. The Airepure stand featured a.

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  • Airepure at ARBS 2012

    01 April 2012 Airepure a ARBS 2012

    Airepure exhibited again for ARBS 2012 in Melbourne, and it was great to have representatives from every national Airepure office in attendance. From Left: Noel Robertson, Shannyn Westwick and William Taylor (Melbourne), Stephen Wise (Brisbane), John.

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  • Airepure at ARBS 2010

    30 April 2010 Airepure at ARBS 2010

    Airepure attended ARBS 2010 in Sydney. Products featured this year included Focus Ultra Clean Air Systems for Operating Theatres, Flanders CSC containment systems, HEPA’s and CS HEPA modules, PowerClean ESP systems, Purafil gas-phase media.

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