26 June 2016

Food Technology Queensland 2016


Airepure Australia exhibits at Food Technology Queensland 2016

The Airepure Australia stand featured:

  • ultra-clean air filtration products and NATA testing services to assist with your compliance to relevant ISO Cleanroom standards;
  • HVAC filtration and particulate collection products
  • custom specific solutions for hazardous or unpleasant odours, corrosion of electrical systems and process generated fume exhaust.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Review of Air Treatment and Filtration Approaches for the Food Industry

Air quality plays a vital role in the safety and operability of commercial food preparation facilities.

The quality of incoming air must be compliantly controlled to ensure hygienic safety of the food preparation area and ensure the safety of personnel in the workplace. Likewise, it is critical that the air ventilated from a facility is cleaned of any odours and particles generated by the food production processes to adhere to council regulations and reduce maintenance cost on ventilations systems.

Factors affecting air quality include humidity, temperature, chemicals, microbiology, odours, particles, pressurization and air flow; and these must be controlled to ensure successful operations.

The various technologies available to achieve and monitor clean air include germicidal UV, air handlers, HEPA filtration, wet, dry or oxidative gaseous phase scrubbing and NATA testing.  These technologies can be implemented in various ways to ensure efficiency, cost effectiveness and performance, with particular configurations more effective than others.

A complete air solution for a commercial food preparation facility involves a number of these technologies working effectively together. An effective air quality system design and maintenance routine can prevent expensive retro fits in the future.

This presentation will cover important aspects that should be taken into consideration when designing the air intake, distribution and ventilation system for a commercial food preparation facility and how to ensure a cost effective, safe and compliant system can be implemented and maintained.


  • Total Facilities 2016

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    Airepure Australia exhibited at the Total Facilities Show at Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre. Featured products and solutions included: Airepure Panel and Bag Air Filters Airepure stock an extensive range of quality air filtration.

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  • Airepure at ARBS 2016

    20 May 2016 Airepure at ARBS 2016

    Airepure exhibited at ARBS 2016 in Melbourne between 17th-19th May 2016, placed just across the aisle from the shared stand of sister company Fantech and Air Design. The Airepure Australia stand featured a Flanders CSC bag in/bag out containment.

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  • Sustainable Manifolded Fume Exhaust Seminar

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  • Annual Biosafety Conference 2015

    12 November 2015 Airepure Stand at ABSANZ 2015

    Airepure Australia exhibited at the ABSANZ 2015 Conference in Canberra, and presented a Poster entitled “Typical Bag-In/Bag Out (BIBO) Filter Change Out Procedure for the Flanders/CSC (or comparable) Side Access Housing”.  A copy of this guide is.

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