30 October 2019

Australian Waste and Recycling Expo 2019

ventilation device

Airepure exhibited at the Australian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE) at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour, where we showcased custom filtration and fume exhaust ventilation systems that effectively eliminate hazardous emissions and mitigate offensive odours.

Strobic Air Tri-Stack Fume Exhaust Systems

Strobic Air Tri-Stack mixed flow, jet plume, dilution exhaust fans, effectively eliminate hazardous emissions and odours, preventing them from re-entering the facility and neighbouring areas.  These custom ventilation systems are a low operating cost solution suitable for manufacturing or processing facilities with significant odour control issues.

We showed a working, small scale version of the Strobic Air Tri-Stack rooftop mixed flow, dilution exhaust fan system, which allowed viewers to see how the air flows through the fan, and how the controller modifies the performance of the fan under certain conditions.

Custom Odour Control and Air Purification Systems

Airepure design, supply and support custom air filtration, odour control and air purification systems that eliminate toxic, corrosive, malodourous and hazardous gases.  Our systems improve indoor air quality, prevent corrosion of electronics, and assess, control and monitor airborne molecular contamination.

Cabin Air Filtration for Heavy Machinery

Airepure manufacture custom sized particulate and gaseous filters suitable for the air intakes serving cabins of occupied machinery working in contaminated environments. Despite the wide range of sizes and performance required, we can design and supply custom filters to help you keep operators safe at an economic cost.