16 May 2016

Airepure at ARBS 2016

Airepure at ARBS 2016

Airepure exhibited at ARBS 2016 in Melbourne between 17th-19th May 2016, placed just across the aisle from the shared stand of sister company Fantech and Air Design.

The Airepure Australia stand featured a Flanders CSC bag in/bag out containment housing c/w scan section, bubble tight dampers & gauges; an exhaust air terminal containment module with pre-filter & 250 micron insect screen, wall mounted return air pre-filter & insect screen assembly, innovative solutions for commercial kitchen exhaust, quality air filtration products and more.

Flanders CSC BIBO Housing

Airepure at ARBS 2016-Flanders BIBO Unit
Flanders CSC Bag In Bag Out Containment Housing

This Flanders CSC bag in/bag out containment housing is shown complete with scan section, bubble tight dampers and gauges.

Return Air Insect Screen Assembly Built to OGTR Guidelines

Airepure at ARBS 2016-Insect Screen Assembly
Airepure Wall Mounted Return Air Assembly with Pre-filter and Insect Screen

This wall mounted return air assembly is built to satisfy OGTR Guidelines and is compliant with AS/NZS 2243.3 recommendations.  This assembly, which includes a pre-filter*  and  250 micron, 316 stainless steel mesh insect screen, is typically used as a security measure in AQIS regulated facilities or laboratory spaces requiring physical containment or barrier protection against insects (specifically those that will burrow through existing filter media, such as mites and thrips).

*a half size pre filter is shown for display purposes.

Designing Kitchen Exhaust Systems to be Compliant, Safe and Right

Airepure presented a short seminar at ARBS 2016 on “Designing Kitchen Exhaust Systems to be Compliant, Safe and Right”.

This presentation covered design fundamentals for a compliant, safe and correctly designed kitchen exhaust system and the most prominent methods of kitchen exhaust treatment; which include hood filters, UV-C lights, ozone, ESPs, carbon, multi-staged filter packs, wet scrubbers and dilution / dispersion.

Common mistakes and myths were included, along with applicable Australian standards (including AS1668.2 : 2012) and its relevance to kitchen exhaust.

Click here for a summary video and link to the supporting technical paper.

Presented by Jonathan Bunge, M.Eng-Chem,
Product Specialist, Airepure Australia

Jonathan Bunge-Airepure AustraliaJonathan Bunge is a graduate of Melbourne University with a Masters in Chemical Engineering, and has gained engineering experience within petrochemical facilities, the coal industry and the gaseous filtration industry.

His role with Airepure Australia (a national air filtration company) enable Jonathan to specialise in odour control, laboratory fume exhaust solutions and commercial kitchen and industrial process exhaust solutions.



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