01 May 2014

Airepure at ARBS 2014

Airepure Stand at ARBS 2014

Airepure Australia shared a stand with sister companies Fantech and Air Design at the ARBS 2014 expo held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre between May 20-22 2014.

The Airepure stand featured a complete small scale Strobic Air Tri-Stack™ unit and Smart Fan™ Control; a small scale Focus UCV unit, a range of innovative, cutting edge solutions for commercial and industrial kitchen exhaust from PlasmaClean, Flanders CSC airborne containment technologies and more.

Manifolded Strobic Air Tri-Stack is AS/NZS 2243.8:2014 compliant

A recent revision of Australian/NZ Standard AS/NZS 2243.8: 2014 for fume cupboards now permits the manifolding of fume hoods and calls for a risk assessment of the laboratories fumes cupboard needs and uses. For Airepure Australia – these changes in the Australian/NZ Standard allow us to provide, safer, more modern and cost effect solutions to our clients through the use of manifolded process fume exhaust systems and accessories such as the Strobic Air Tri-Stack™ and Smart Fan™ Control.

Focus UCV complies with Australian Council on Health Care Standards (ACHS)

The Focus Ultra Clean Air Ventilation System for Operating Theatres provide a controlled distribution of biologically clean air at the operating table, while reducing the risk of contamination from outside the clean zone. These high efficiency units have been designed to comply with Australian Council on Health Care Standards guidelines for air flow and velocity at the operating table level and are easily integrated with other ceiling mounted equipment.

Airepure offers AS/NZS 1668.2:2012 compliant solutions for kitchen exhaust

Airepure can provide solutions for all types of commercial and industrial kitchen exhaust issues thanks to partnerships with a range of leading air filtration companies including Plasmaclean, Purafil, Air Scrubbers and Strobic Air.  The solutions cover all possible issues from grease and moisture particulate collection at the hood through to oxidation of particulates and gas phase odours in the duct, smoke and fine grease particulate collection via ESP’s, activated carbon, UV or ozone odour control and dilution and removal of air from the building envelope via exhaust fan systems.

Flanders CSC Airborne Containment & Isolation Technologies

Flanders CSC offer a range of airborne, radioactive, biological and chemical hazard containment solutions, including PC3/PC4 HEPA (particulate) and HEGA (gaseous) containment systems, Bag In/Bag Out – fluid seal or gasket seal housings, isolation dampers (bubble & gas tight), in place efficiency test housings and custom engineered filtration systems.


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P.O. Box 747, Mulgrave VIC 3170 AUSTRALIA
Phone: +61 3 9562 0011
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Email: info@airepure.com.au

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