03 August 2007

Considerations in Choosing a Gas-Phase Air Filter

Purafil Gaseous Filtration Filters and Media

Because two types of gas-phase filters are frequently being marketed for the same applications, one must be able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using one over the other.

Public attention to indoor air quality (IAQ)-related issues has spawned a proliferation of new products aimed at the commercial heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) marketplace which claim to remove indoor air pollutants- the two major classes of which are particulates and gases. Most of these products are designed primarily for the removal and control of particulates. However, more products are becoming available which claim an effectiveness for the removal of gases.

The attached article compares two stage systems (packed bed gas phase air filters, used in conjunction with particulate filters), with combination filters (carbon impregnated fibre filters)

Article written by Chris Muller, Technical Director for Purafil, Inc.