19 May 2016

Compliant Kitchen Exhaust Design

Airepure Kitchen Exhaust Seminar

Key Considerations to Compliant Kitchen Exhaust Design

This video features the concluding important considerations for designing a compliant, safe and right kitchen exhaust system, and is based on a technical paper recently created by Airepure Australia.

This seminar entitled “Designing Kitchen Exhaust Systems to be Compliant, Safe and Right” was presented at ARBS 2016 on Tuesday 17th May 2016 by Airepure Product Specialist, Jonathan Bunge, M.Eng-Chem.

Kitchen Exhaust Treatment

Our  supporting technical paper on this topic examines the eight (8) methods of kitchen exhaust treatment, explains the do’s, don’ts and common misconceptions of these treatment methods and provides recommended treatment and application pairings for both horizontal and vertical kitchen exhaust applications.

Download the full copy of this 25 page technical paper entitled “Kitchen Exhaust Treatment”.

About the Author

Jonathan Bunge

Jonathan Bunge
Product Specialist
Airepure Australia

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