21 January 2019

Airepure receives Expertise Award

Strobic Air Technologies award

Airepure Australia was presented with the Strobic Air Technologies “2018 Expertise Award” at their recent National Sales Meeting, held during the AHR EXPO 2019 in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

The Expertise Award acknowledges Airepure’s

“Continued domain depth and credibility built from experience and results

Continued team development and passion about developing others;

Ability to leverage technology and expertise to win in the market place”

Airepure National Product Manager, Jonathan Bunge is pictured with Sarah R. Thornsberry, Strobic Eastern Regional Sales Manager.

Airepure has partnered with Strobic Air Technologies for 15 years, engineering unique, powerful and integrated fume exhaust and odour dilution/dispersion solutions for a variety of applications within Australia and New Zealand.

Applications suitable for the energy efficient and low maintenance Strobic Air plume dilution fan systems include:

  • Single or manifolded laboratory fume hood exhaust
    • Universities
    • Hospitals
    • Laboratories
    • Government facilities
    • Research facilities
    • Heat recovery systems
  • Isolation room exhaust
    • Hospital isolation rooms
    • Correctional facilities
  • Process fume exhaust
    • Pharmaceutical plants
    • Semiconductor laboratories
    • High technology production facilities
    • Industrial manufacturing
  • Odour control / odour dilution
    • Wastewater facilities
    • Sewage treatment plants
    • Food processing facilities
    • Waste treatment plants
    • Diesel generator exhaust


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