01 August 2011

Airepure Provide Ultra Clean Air to Bioscience Laboratory


Airepure provides ultra-clean air solutions to Latrobe Universities Bioscience Laboratory, Melbourne

From the early design stages of the Bioscience Laboratory within Latrobe Universities Bundoora Campus, Airepure Australia assisted the design consortium team by providing practical ultra-clean air solutions in accordance with the strict criteria critical for this type of facility.  This ultra-clean air solution included general HVAC product, HEPA filtration, specialised containment housings, bubble tight dampers, gas-phase odour control for animal houses and custom built PC3 terminal boxes incorporating insect mesh and particulate filtration.

Airepure air filters can significantly reduce air contaminants such as dust, smoke and odour and improve air quality.  Our filter range includes washable and disposable panel filters, deep bed filters, multi-pocket filters, rigid filter, mini-pleat filters and HEPA filters.

HEPA Filters are manufactured from the highest quality of materials under strict quality control conditions, and are certified to ensure performance under the most critical of conditions for performance and leak-free operation.  They are suitable for any application where ultra clean air is a requirement.

Terminal HEPA Housings allow for easy HEPA filter replacement without compromising performance and ensures continuous leak-free operation of the HEPA filter.

Containment Air Filtration Systems enable the control and containment of airborne nuclear, biological and chemical hazards.

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