01 August 2011

Airepure Provide Clean Air Solutions to Royal Childrens Hospital

RCH operating room

Airepure delivered clean air and ultra-clean solutions to the new Royal Children’s Hospital facilities in Parkville, Melbourne

Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) was the largest hospital redevelopment undertaken by the State Government of Victoria, and was opened in 2011 in Parkville, Melbourne. It provides quality tertiary health services to the children of Metro Melbourne and rural/regional Victoria. This up-lifting facility brings hope and a family friendly environment to cutting edge health services to provide better outcomes for Victorian children.

Equipment Supplied

Airepure Australia supplied various air filtration and containment systems to the Royal Children’s Hospital; including general HVAC air filters and odour control systems.

Airepure air filters can significantly reduce air contaminants such as dust, smoke and odour and improve air quality.  Our filter range includes washable and disposable panel filters, deep bed filters, multi-pocket filters, rigid filter, mini-pleat filters and HEPA filters.

HEPA Filters are manufactured from the highest quality of materials under strict quality control conditions, and are certified to ensure performance under the most critical of conditions for performance and leak-free operation.  They are suitable for any application where ultra clean air is a requirement.

Airepure HEPA filtration and airborne containment systems were selected for wards, setup and recovery areas and general operating theatres. These included custom terminal HEPA modules as well as channel seal, ceiling mounted terminal HEPA modules for supply air.

Airepure CS HEPA modules
Airepure CS HEPA modules installed within RCH Operating Theatres

Airepure Focus UCV systems were selected for orthopaedic theatres. These were installed complete with integrated perimeter lighting; return air grilles and operating table light stem attached to the central duct.

Airepure FOCUS UCV system
Airepure FOCUS UCV system installed within RCH Operating Theatre

Special Considerations

The RCH is managed throughout the life of the facility by the State and a constructive partnership with stake holders, (PPP). As such, total cost of ownership – while achieving leading edge performance was critical. Naturally, Airepure’s ranges of high performance, but value engineered products were chosen for the site, to provide the best results at commissioning and through the years.

Mechanical Consultant: Norman Disney & Young

Mechanical Contractor: Joint venture between AE Smith / AG Coombs


Main RCH OMRIS  image by Peter Bennetts Photography 2017


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