12 September 2011

Airepure Australia’s NEW Environmental Division

As of Monday 12/9/2011 Airepure is to widen its’ sphere of operations to become actively involved in a growing business segment by creating a the Environmental and Pollution Control Division of Airepure.

To ensure the delivery of a quality solution based, offering to this market place, we have become the sole Australian distribution partner for Metpro/Duall USA.

The combination of Airepure products, expertise and the new technology product lines, will allow us to provide complete solutions for the Environmental Air Pollution control segment.

Duall is one of the leading manufacturers of air and water quality control systems for the treatment of odours, corrosive fumes and toxic gas in industrial and municipal applications.

Products include:
• Odour control systems
• Fume scrubbers
• Emergency gas scrubbers
• Aerators & degasifiers
• Stripping towers
• Exhaust fans
• Plating & process tanks
• Corrosion resistant ventilation systems
• Dust & particulate control systems
• Wet dust collectors
• Mist eliminators
• NOx control systems
• Custom designed air pollution abatement systems

Strobic Air Corporation, is a recognized technological leader in the air movement industry, specializes in technologically advanced exhaust systems for laboratory fume hoods in university, public health, government, chemical, pharmaceutical and other process industries.

Products include:
• Lab exhaust systems
• Cleanroom systems
• Explosion proof fans
• High temperature fans
• Smoke exhaust fans
• Silencers
• Custom fan systems

Met-Pro Systems designs and builds thermal and catalytic oxidation systems for removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other atmospheric pollutants from a variety of industrial processes.

Products include:
• Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs)
• Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers
• Catalytic Oxidizers
• VOC Concentration Systems

This company has an excellent, growing product offering to this market place and wish to have an equally active distributor involved in Australia & we are committed to growing in this solution based product market and sees this as a great opportunity to enhance our range of products in a developing market, particularly for Industrial applications.

As part of this commitment, the following is to occur within Airepure: Jim McIntosh a Director & Joint Founder of Airepure, who has many years experience in Waste Water Odour solutions, will head up this separate division. He has also been instrumental in getting Strobic Fans into Australia, a product that is starting to gain real acceptance with 3 operational sites and many others on our books.

We have appointed Dr Allan Heckenberg (PHD) who will report to Jim as the Divisional Business Manager. He will be responsible for sales development, finding niche “value added” solutions , delivering this product offering to consultants etc. He has headed up similar functions previously, his last role being as VP Marketing for Aurora SFC systems – a US based company. He brings a wealth of experience & knowledge with him in Engineering solutions in the Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Mining & Environmental markets etc.

Phil Markut ex Camtek NSW has also been appointed as the Technical Engineering Manager. He will be responsible for delivering the product to market as a the Project Manager. He has spent most of his career in similar roles & has extensive experience in delivering products to clients, with the last 11 years spent at Camtek & is highly regarded within industry.

We see this as an excellent opportunity for Airepure to continue to grow the solutions, project based side of our business, and welcome these two gentleman to our company.


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