01 July 2011

Airepure Air Filters Improve Air Quality at Melbourne Airport


Airepure’s ongoing support ensures clean, healthy air to the terminal buildings at Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne

Critical to successful operation of any airport is ensuring that potent aviation fuel fumes and odours are kept out of the terminal buildings. Over the last 12 years, Airepure have supplied standard HVAC filters and Purafil gas-phase control odour systems to Melbourne’s heavily populated Tullamarine Airport terminals, ensuring clean, healthy air for this facility.

Airepure air filters can significantly reduce air contaminants such as dust, smoke and odour and improve air quality.  Our filter range includes washable and disposable panel filters, deep bed filters, multi-pocket filters, rigid filter, mini-pleat filters and HEPA filters.

Purafil gas-phase air filtration technologies are designed to eliminate, control and provide real-time monitoring of toxic, corrosive, odorous and hazardous gases.

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