01 March 2019

Air Filtration Fundamentals

kitchen exhaust filtration

An excerpt from the AIRAH industry publication “DA15-Air Filters and Cleaning Devices, Selection and Application”, this Skills Workshop piece on AIR FILTRATION THEORY AND FUNDAMENTALS was published in the March 2019 edition of HVAC&R Nation magazine.

This is a fantastic guide to the concepts and principals of air filtration, and is relevant to air filtration equipment manufacturers, designers and installers and maintenance contractors.

Guide topics include:

  • Particle capture fundamentals
  • Particle capture methods:
    • Straining (sieved by fibres)
    • Inertia (impingement)
    • Interception (being caught)
    • Diffusion (dispersal)
    • Electrostatic attraction (attracted to fibre)
  • Capture efficiency and air velocity
  • Capture efficiency and particle size
  • Penetration of sub-micron particles
  • Adhesion
  • Fibre coating enhancement effects

Download the AIRAH DA15-Air Filtration Theory + Fundamentals guide now.


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