Year: 2017

  • Operating Theatre Ventilation System Design

    25 September 2017 Operating theatre ventilation

    Design Considerations for Operating Theatre Ventilation Systems There are many types of operating theatres within hospitals and healthcare facilities – all of which require a suitable “final stage of air filtration” that is dependent.

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  • Cleanroom HEPA solutions for Holmesglen Private Hospital

    26 June 2017 private hospital

    Airepure provides Focus UVC operating theatre ventilation systems and terminal HEPA supply modules to the recently opened Holmesglen Private Hospital. Holmesglen Private Hospital Holmesglen Private Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility that provides an extensive.

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  • Custom Cleanroom & Containment Filtration Solutions for the VCCC

    01 June 2017 Big building

    Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Airepure Australia supplied a range of custom cleanroom and airborne containment filtration solutions to the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC). The VCCC is a purpose-built centre-of-excellence for cancer research, treatment,.

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    25 May 2017

    Reactivity Monitoring Airborne molecular contaminants damage electronics, circuit boards, and components. The damage from corrosion can cause downtime in production, costly repairs, and equipment failure and replacement in worst-case scenarios. Reactivity monitoring is an.

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  • Electronic Corrosion Prevention for Industrial Control Rooms

    15 May 2017 control room

    Electronic Equipment Corrosion in Chemical Processing Facilities Corrosion-induced failures of critical electrical components within the control rooms and systems of industrial facilities can be a frequent occurrence. This is a particularly significant issue for chemical processing plants or.

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  • Australian Commercial Building Filtration Standards

    01 May 2017 Melbourne city

    Commercial Building Filtration Standards: Making Sense of Recent Changes Recently there have been significant changes in the normally sleepy world of filter test standards and overall building “wellness” ratings. Greater focus has been placed.

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