Year: 2016

  • Airborne Containment Solutions for Physical Containment Facilities

    15 December 2016 iStock-Ebola Research Laboratory

    What are Physical Containment (PC) Facilities? A physical containment (PC) facility is typically a negatively pressurised laboratory room or building where contaminants are controlled or exhausted.  Purpose-designed and strictly controlled, PC facilities are constructed  for the safe.

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  • Industrial Odour Dilution Solutions

    09 November 2016 Odour dilution

    Industrial facilities should consider odour dilution as a cost effective odour control strategy alongside conventional air filtration methods. Emission Compliance for Industrial Facilities and Manufacturing Plants Industrial facilities across Australia are obliged to comply with the.

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  • Are Your Kitchen Hood Filters Fully Compliant?

    28 October 2016 reduce fire risk

    Do your kitchen hood filters comply with the current Australian Standards for fire safety? Why Install Kitchen Exhaust Hood Filters? The purpose of a kitchen exhaust hood filter is: Particle filtration – To reduce the.

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    28 October 2016 Captrate solo hood filter

    UL 1046 Rated Kitchen Hood Filters UL 1046 rated to reduce fire risk during cooking operation, Captrate® Solo single stage hood filters will satisfy flame arrestance clause 6.2.9 within AS/NZS 1668.1:2015 and help you.

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  • Manifolded Laboratory Fume Exhaust System

    25 October 2016 Building

    End user perspective of manifolded laboratory fume exhaust systems installed at the Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University, Canberra. Presented by Geoff Deeble – School Manager, Research School of Chemistry, ANU College of.

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  • Odour Control for Hotel Back of House Areas

    21 October 2016 Garbage

    Hotel back of house areas may be a common source of offensive odours and odour complaints. These areas may include garbage / refuse rooms, loading docks, commercial kitchens, designated outdoor smoking areas or sewer.

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