Odour Control System for Commercial Kitchens

Neutralise kitchen cooking odours

  • Low capital and running costs
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • No consumable chemicals
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Tested to EN13725:2003

The Plasma Clean Xtract uses ozone – a well known disinfectant and odour neutralizer – which is released directly into the kitchen ventilation canopy. Here it immediately starts to act on cooking odours, grease and smoke. Simple to install, with low maintenance and running costs, this versatile modular solution provides affordable and reliable odour control and grease reduction in one unit, making it the perfect partner for a wide range of cooking applications.


Oxidation using ozone and activated oxygen ions is used to treat odour emissions from commercial and industrial kitchen processes (DEFRA, 2005: Guidance on the Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems). The Plasma Clean Xtract injects ozone into the kitchen extraction canopy where it reacts with odour, grease and smoke. These are oxidized in a chemical reaction which results in the production of carbon dioxide and water vapour. The ozone itself is consumed during the process and is converted back into oxygen.


The unit has been designed to be compact and lightweight so that it can be installed in kitchen areas where space is at a premium and / or where there is little load bearing capacity. The unit sits outside of the kitchen extraction canopy and ozone is drawn into the kitchen canopy by the existing fans. There is no need to upgrade the existing fan and the unit operates silently. The unit has been designed to attach to the wall adjacent to the kitchen canopy. The outlet is then connected into the kitchen canopy and the unit is plugged in or hardwired into mains electricity (230V / single phase / 50Hz) via a main fan control box. Full installation and operating instructions are provided.


  • Extraction fan
  • Carbon filter
  • Site survey


The Plasma Clean Xtract unit incorporates:

  • Pre-filter – To retain dust, grease and oil particulates.
  • Ozonating UV-C tubes – main components for ozone and ion production

Air is drawn by the main ductwork fan through the Xtract unit. Particulates are captured by the pre-filters which must be inspected and exchanged on a regular basis. Ozone and charged ions are produced as air passes through the ozoniser tubes, these active elements are injected into the ductwork where they immediately begin to act on odours. Airepure can offer a planned maintenance contract based on your requirements.

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